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 The following information will help you prepare your work environment, navigate the mainframe interface, and map your keys to a common layout when interacting with the mainframe. 


Instructor userids start with KC02, while student userids start with KC03.  Note that the third position of the userid is the number zero ‘0’, not the letter ‘O’.

The Instructor USERID has RACF authority to look at the Students Datasets while the Students do not have the authority to look at the instructors datasets.

The following rules apply to 3270 passwords:
  • Passwords must be at least six characters in length.
  • Passwords cannot be more than eight characters in length.
  • Passwords can only be alphanumerics (i.e., either numbers or letters).
  • Passwords are NOT case sensitive in this system. 


Before you can connect to ZOSKCTR7( MARIST HUB), you will need to obtain or own one of the following 3270 emulation programs:

Access ZOSKCTR7 using  PORT 1023.  If PORT 1023 does not work, you can try the ‘backdoor’ using  PORT 80.  You will have to personalize the emulation software according to your hardware definition.   To Reach ZOSKCTR7 system on PORT80  go to:


Download and then install by running the program.  After you install you should have an icon for "Vista 124.exe".  Next, start this program and install the software.  After the install you will have a folder which has an icon for the “Vista Standard Session”.  Click on this icon.  You will receive a screen that looks like:


Click on Help menu option and then Enter-Registration-Code.  
Enter the name and code as instructed in your e-mail message:

You will now need to click on the Vista icon (I move this icon to the desktop to use for startup of TSO) and setup your terminal definition to connect to the mainframe hub at Marist College.


The following Terminal Definition should be used when you are connecting to ZOSKCTR – AFTER ENTERING FOLLOWING – CLICK CONNECT.



Start the Vista Standard Session by double-clicking on the icon.  You should now have a screen that is similar to:


The cursor is positioned at the bottom of the screen.  Key in "L TSO" and then hit the CTRL key (NOTE:  this is the enter key in TSO).    
The next screen begins your signon:

Enter the userid given to you by your instructor and then the CTRL key.  

You will next get a screen that looks like:

The cursor is positioned in the password field.  For your first time, the password is the same as the userid.  You will be asked to choose a new password.  This account is yours and yours alone.  Sharing your account with another student will be considered dishonest.

After you have entered and/or changed your password hit the CTRL key.  
You will now see this screen:


 Hit the CTRL key again.

Now you are in TSO and should have a screen that looks like:




1.)  First, you need to open TSO and logon.  Once you have done that, you will get to the Primary Option Menu.  At the top of the page, find where it says Options and click on it.  Then, click the option keyboard edit (as shown below).


2.)  Once you have clicked on the Keyboard Edit button, the following will appear.  


3.)  Next, click on the Enter button (it will highlight in blue).  At the bottom left of this window you will see a set of tabs labeled ‘Action, Edit, Char, Oper, Macro’.  Make sure you are in the Action tab and find where it says Enter.  Click on the word enter, under where it says ‘Push to Assign Enter’ click on the button to the left of the word Normal.  The word Enter will then appear in this button.


4.)  To assign the function (New Line) to the Ctrl key, click on the Ctrl key as shown below.  In the bottom left box, click on the tab Edit and then on the word New Line.  Next, under where it says Push to Assign Ctrl-R, click on the button to the left of the word Normal.


5.)  Finally, click Ok.  It will then ask you if you want to save the keyboard changes, click Yes.

6.)  Finally, a box will pop up that says Save Keyboard File.  Just click Ok.  Then your Enter key is assigned to the Enter function, and your R-Ctrl key is assigned to the NewLine function.


To change any other key on the keyboard, you will follow the exact same steps as mentioned above.  However, make sure you track what buttons you change in case one function doesn’t work as you thought it was going to or in case you decide later you would like to change the buttons back to the way they were.


If your output queue is becoming quite full or you no longer need specific output you can purge any/all of them from the output queue.  To do this type P next to the job(s) that you do not want to be displayed anymore and that job will be purged from the system (no longer available).

Before purge:

After purge:


To logoff  TSO, from the main menu hit F3.  You should now see a screen similar to:

Type in 2 and then CTRL.  You should now be at a READY screen.  Type in LOGOFF and hit CTRL.  Wait a few seconds and it will return to the Z/OS screen.  Now exit out of the applications.   You can re-logon anytime after this if you need to.

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